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Bringing Up Puppy (excerpt) :: Kongs Fit for a King :: Crate Training :: Housetraining 101 :: Separation Anxiety :: Bringing Home a Shelter Dog :: Stressor Checklist

WoofGang Web-Published Articles:
Shaping the Companion Behaviors :: Hand Targeting -- So Much More Than Just a Trick :: Getting Your Dog Cafe-Ready :: Games to Play with Your Dog :: Training Tips

Learning to Share :: Building Trust :: Building Relationship :: Establishing Communication in the Human/Canine Family :: Understanding the Canine "Tap-Out" :: Loving A Shy Dog :: Bringing Home a Shelter Dog

Solving Routine Behavior Challenges
The Destructive Dog :: The Mouthy Dog :: The Bark Stops Here! :: Inhibiting Common Behavior Problems :: Home Alone :: Calming an Anxious Dog :: The Dangers of Too Much Freedom :: The Crate: (Old) Home within a (New) Home :: The Importance of Neutering :: Understanding a Dog's Inner Puppy :: Stressor Checklist

Stuffing a Kong Fit for a King! :: Canine NoseWork :: Trick and Treat :: Exercising during the Dog Days of Summer :: Yard Games :: New Year's Resolutions -- A Healthier Dog :: Breed-Specific Sports for your Dog :: Spring into Action! :: The Canine Workout -- Indoors :: The Canine Workout -- Outdoors

Dogs and People
Throwing a Costume Party -- Socialization in the Closet :: Providing Puppy Socialization in Tandem with Inoculations :: Socializing Your Puppy :: Preparing Fido for your New Baby :: Dogs and Kids

Dogs Playing with Others
Keeping the Peace -- Life in a Multi-Animal Household :: Making Sense of Dog Play :: Dogs and Cats

Training Concepts
A Question of Dominance :: NILIF -- A Training Buzz Word :: The Art of Training :: Harnessing the Power of Pavlov :: How Dogs Learn: Pt.I & Pt.II :: When Considering the Use of Punishment :: From Dolphins to Dogs -- To Click or Not To Click :: The Tao of Training :: It's Not My Fault! -- Inadvertantly Reinforced Bad Behaviors) :: Demythacizing Pup Psychology :: From a Trainer's Notebook

Canine Diet: Food for Thought :: Fun Recipes the Whole Family Can Make :: Using People Food as Treats

WoofGang in the Press:
Interview on All Business Media Radio Interview with Bonnie Brown about Shelter Behavior Programs on Dog Trainers Connection :: Channel 12 Paws for Parkinson's 2013 :: Parents.com 4 Ways to Involve Kids in Dog Training :: 6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Pet Name :: Care.com 8 Tips to Raising the Perfect Puppy ::

WoofGang Tilly-Vision
Episode 1: The Cookie Drop
Episode 2: Hand Targeting
Episode 3: Cafe-Ready Default Down
Episode 4: 3 Exercises that Could Save a Dog's Life with Dog Trainer's Connection
Episode 5: Cat Recall

Kidz Buzz:
Sept. 2019: Home Alone -- Building a Dog's Tolerance to Separation
June 2019: Celebrate Learning through Training!
May 2019: The World of Dog Sports
Apr. 2019: Canine Heroes & the Jobs They Do
Mar. 2019: Destruction
Feb. 2019: Dog Sense -- What the Nose Knows
Jan. 2019: NY's Resolution -- A Healthier Dog
Dec. 2018: Let Them Eat Cake!
Nov. 2018: The Cat: The Supreme Hunter
Oct. 2018: What Is Your Dog Telling You?
Sept. 2018: It's Okay to Play with your Food

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Tilly's Tales: A Shelter Dog's Blog
Episode 1: Starting Life Together ::
Episode 2: The Ride Home ::
Episode 3: Our Potty Girl ::
Episode 4: Bonding with Tilly

The Hempstead Shelter Dog Tips:
Tip 8: Impulse Control from Jax
Tip 7: Don't Punish a Warning from Miss Gray
Tip 6: Canine Diet from Versace
Tip 5: Stop Dog Jumping from Colt
Tip 4: Walk without the Pull from Bill Blass
Tip 3: The Tap-Out from Tommy
Tip 2: The Wagging Tail from Snow
Tip 1: The Growling Dog from Acis

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June 2013

Pet First Aid Kit    Are you over-vaccinating your pet?    Poisonous Plants    What essential oils are poisonous to
your pet?
What should you have in your pet's first aid kit?    Overvaccination    What common household plants are poisonous to
your pet?
   Poisonous Essentail Oils


Here's a list of canine sports for exercise, mental stimulation, and just downright fun!: Adventure Coursing :: Agility :: NoseWork :: Biking :: Tricks Training :: Freestyle :: Treibball :: Flyball :: Disc Dog :: Skijoring :: Dock Diving :: Rally Obedience :: Weight Pulling


WoofGang suggests the following fun, helpful training tools for your pooch!:


WoofGang suggests the following websites for invaluable information about dogs, dog behavior, and training:

  at us if you're looking for dog-friendly establishments in the Philadelphia metro area, or if you have one to share!

Suggested Reading List

MyWoofGang.com suggests the following books for invaluable information about dogs, dog behavior, and relationship training:

Excel-erated Learning
by Pamela Reid,
an essential guide to learning theory
Canine Body Language
A Photographic Guide, Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog

by Brenda Aloff
Bones Would Rain from the Sky
Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs

by Suzanne Clothier
A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-Dog Aggression

by Jean Donaldson
A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs

by Jean Donaldson
Before and After Getting your Puppy
by Ian Dunbar
Bringing Up Puppy
by Laura Garber
Feeling Outnumbered?
How to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-Dog Household

by Karen London and Patricia McConnell
Feisty Fido
by Patricia McConnell and Karen London,
Help for the Leash-Aggressive Dog
The Other End of the Leash
Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

by Patricia McConnell
I'll be Home Soon
How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety

by Patricia McConnell
Control Unleashed
Creating a Focused and Confident Dog

by Leslie McDevitt
Horses Never Lie
The Heart of Passive Leadership

by Mark Rashid
On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals (DVD)
by Turid Rugaas
Pet First Aid
by Bobbie Mammato,
for cats and dogs

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