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For a safer, happier relationship with your dog, let WoofGang guide you in overcoming training and behavioral challenges like the following:

  • Does your dog bark and lunge at passing dogs on the street?   She is showing leash reactivity, a behavior that can be very successfully treated with consistent work.
  • Does your dog threaten people coming into the home?   He is exhibiting territorial aggression which, if left untreated, could eventually result in injury to your guests. See our Dog Blog for tips.
  • Does your dog bark or bristle at strangers, passers-by, or children?   She may be expressing fear-based aggression, often due to her under-socialization as a puppy.
  • Does your dog stiffen or growl when you approach his bowl, a chew toy, or his favoriate resting spot?   He is resource guarding, a potentially dangerous behavior.
  • Does your dog nip or bite you more than you'd like? Does he chew on the furniture?   He may need to learn bite inhibition or chew training.
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