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WoofGang's dog training methodology applies positive training techniques. Reward-based training is an effective and non-aversive way of learning for dogs. It facilitates the acquisition of new behavior without causing fear or anxiety.

Timing, vocal intonation, and pace of training are all important components to efficient and thorough learning. Unfortunately, unintentional behaviors can develop due to poorly executed training.

Training is the language that binds. Let WoofGang help you develop effective and accurate communication between you and your canine companion.

   To support our veterinary partners, WoofGang has assembled a collection of articles about dog training and behavior that might be helpful to your patients! Have an article idea that would help you in your practice? Let us know!

   What about our other furry friends, those of the feline purrsuasion?! WoofGang wants to share some insights from the Purr View.

   WoofGang's owner and trainer Laura Garber has joined the team at the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia to help develop their animal behavior department! What an exciting new adventure! Please stay tuned...!

Vet Recommendation

"I feel like [Shorty] now has a good quality of life, perhaps for the first time ever. I am convinced that without [Laura's] intervention, Shorty would not be with us today. Laura's method of training involves compassion, kindness, boundary setting and appropriate discipline..."

from Dr. Darlene Fletcher of Banfield Animal Hospital, human partner to Shorty

Café-Ready or Not!

Training is not about getting your dog to submit to your every command. It's about shaping your dog into a family member, one who can work, play, and travel by your side. Training is the language that binds.

Let WoofGang help you forge greater understanding with your canine companion. Call now at 646.345.5116!

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